Our 3D CAD CAM machinery / An overview of elements


The choice of spindle is dictated by many factors. By default we implement a Elte 7.5/4.5Kw spindle if no special requirements are needed.

Click here for specifications of the Elte 7.5/4.5Kw spindle we use.

Note: A robot does not have the bulk to give the rigidity of a CNC machine. For this reason machining materials harder than soft aluminium can have an impact on machining accuracy. Machining soft aluminium, foam or wood is perfectly possible.

However where accuracy does not need to be sub millimetre then the robot can be used on harder materials. For example there have been many successful examples of Kuka robots being used to carve stonework.

Estimated pricing for a Elte 7.5/4.5Kw spindle is approx. GBP 7,500